We are delivering face to face services again but still doing plenty virtually, so we can work with any team or leader across the world.

As ever, we are looking to enhance your communication, creative and collaboration skills.

In addition, we are also offering specific training in virtual presentations and business development (Enrich Your Pitch) and making your video calls more effective and humane (Bring some Va-va-Voom to your Zoom).

We can deliver these on any platform. Though some clients find a walk and talk highly effective. Why not try some outdoor coaching?" - contact

I met Neil a while back and have signed him up to run a number of skills-based workshops with different teams of different sizes and seniority. His informed and entertaining approach becomes a really rewarding way to build the team and their confidence. More recently he had the added challenge of engaging the group from all corners of the globe through Zoom. He did so with flying colours."
- Dawn Farren, Head of Insights, Pepsi Lipton JV at Unilever

- I had a lot of fun at the improv team-building yesterday and will introduce you to some clients. I told them about our fun and high energy session yesterday and they were wondering if you could do something similar for them. Thanks for a really lovely session.

- I thoroughly enjoyed that - what a bright 45 minutes in another day of working from home! Thank you for bringing the energy.

- A refreshing and creative way to start the day.


- Thanks so much Neil! Skype is a strange venue for interactive fun but you managed it, and useful to reflect on how we're all affected by new ways of working and living. Lots of appreciation from the group even if some were a bit shy about participating.

Great virtual team building session by Neil for our public health team. Lots of laughter and learning. Really brought the team together after a month of working from home had us drifting apart.


- Neil, on behalf of all of us, I just wanted to thank you for the session this morning. It was great. Really the sort of thing we needed right now and nice to do something different. When this is all over we'll organise a team trip to the Comedy Store Players.

- Yes, ditto. I wish every morning could start that way.

- Thanks, Neil - that was really, really good. A nice break from the norm.


- Thank you so much for coming and playing with us yesterday. We absolutely loved it!

We can get a bit stuck in our ways and are totally thrown by the move to Zoom, so it was incredibly helpful to have you step in. Using objects was a great find and something we'll definitely use, and playing around with the space one occupies within the zoom 'square' and the very idea of working with Zoom, saying 'yes and' to it rather than pretending it is the same as being in a room live together.

Afterwards we talked about how professional you were, taking the space with such confidence and keeping the energy high. We liked the short physical breaks, going off to find stimuli to bring back.

- I only have positive feedback for Neil - he is clearly very good at what he does! I thought it was impressive how he was able to ‘hold’ us in his attention despite our number and size on the screen. This meant I felt really seen by him when it can be such a disembodied experience. He was really 'there' with his presence for all of us and I felt there was a group process developing and as a result I felt safe and held.

- Great guy, great session - I felt I was in very capable hands indeed!

- I thought the found objects worked well, his incorporation of what was happening in the moment in different people's rooms, one word stories. But most of all his safe and warm presence.


Neil's workshops and coaching draw on methods honed during 35 years experience performing, directing and improvising in theatre, movies, radio and TV and working with corporate clients over more than two decades across twenty-four countries...

Discover how you can transform the way you interact with others to produce positive results.

We have also been coaching business leaders for many years, using improv techniques to enhance their communication and creative skills.

In business there is no script, every conversation with colleagues and clients is to some extent an improvised scene.

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