"At the moment, everything I'm doing is virtual: coaching, teambuilding, workshops, webinars/keynotes, by phone or video conferencing and I'm finding there's plenty to play with! Do get in touch and ask me about possibilities" - contact

Tailored Workshops

Here are some examples of workshops Neil has given:
• Sales - A team of ten for two days.
• Leadership - A group of sixty for two hours.
• Creativity - Twenty managers for a day.
• Team-Building - Half a day. Indoors. And safe.
• Presentation - Two people for half a day.
There are plenty of other possibilities. Just ask Neil. He offers a bespoke service, customising in content, emphasis, duration and number of participants.

One-To-One Coaching

Everyone can improve their communication skills, whether for formal presentations, networking or simply having better conversations. Neil has taught celebrities, chief executives, middle managers, NHS executives, IT professionals, ad agency account handlers...


How about something radical at the end of the day?

L Vaughan Spencer
Management Guru & Gangsta Motivator

Neil's hilarious presentation as his award-winning alter ego: (motto Don't Be Needy, Be Succeedy) can be a great conference closer or after-dinner cabaret.

More about booking L Vaughan Spencer at

Whose Firm Is It Anyway?
Neil can create the perfect in-house entertainment for your organisation. Give him five willing volunteers from among your ranks and (at least) an hour to prepare them. That same evening you will see a bespoke improv show created before your very eyes! Neil acts as host and onstage coach. The audience provides the suggestions. Your team of rookies will create an impromptu spectacle to delight and amaze their colleagues.

Team Fun

If you simply want your team to get to know each other better, Improv is the perfect medium.

So many people do not relax with one another. Improv is a great way of everyone sharing laughter together.

And have no fear this is not just for 'extroverts'. The great thing about improv is that quieter team players can excel. So Improv is a great way of creating inclusive humour. Those who are prepared to listen, share control and accept vulnerability, will end up looking strongest. ©2006-22 Improv Your Biz Ltd All Rights Reserved

Inspiring and Amusing
Keynote Speaker

How many conference speeches are deadly dull?

Or (at the other end of spectrum) do you dread those "motivational" sessions which may have no relevance to your audience?

There is another way: Neil Mullarkey's interactive bespoke keynote presentation. There's plenty of humour along with insight. Every single person in the audience gets involved. On offer are highly practical and relevant tools.

MC and Facilitator

Neil can host your entire conference, facilitating breakout groups, running improv workshops and generally being an all-round good egg.